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Cost of Double Glazing a 3 Ded House

Jan 04 2024

Double Glazed Windows are one of the great inventions made by humankind. Double-glazed windows involve the use of two panes of glass instead of one when setting up your window. This technology has many benefits, the main ones being low condensation, better thermal insulation, and noise reduction.


Double Glazed Windows
Source: Bradman’s Windows & doors

Working of Double Glazed Windows

As stated above, Double Glazed Windows have two panes of glass. The main component of the window is the double-glazed sealed unit, also known as an Insulated Glass Unit (IGU).

The IGU comprises glass sheets separated by a spacer to create an air gap, which is then filled with an insulating gas.

When it comes to better thermal insulation, the air gap in the glass panes slows down thermal transfer. It doesn’t trap heat, but it reduces the movement of heat to minimize heat transfer outside.

The gas (mostly Argon) in the air gap helps reduce heat loss when exterior cold air hits the window. It accomplishes this by transferring the temperature of the cold air to the Argon gas layer. This Argon gas layer has 34% less thermal transfer to air and slows down the conduction of heat between two differing temperatures.

In terms of lesser condensation, the sealed glass unit is built with crystalline desiccant that absorbs the moist air in the air gap and keeps the window dry.

Another crucial factor about double-glazed windows is the Window Energy Rating (WER).

WER is an indicator of how energy-efficient a window can be. It uses a scale ranging from G to A, with A being the highest energy-efficient window. Although a higher WER is costlier to set up, it will reduce energy bills in the long run for households. WER depends entirely on the quality of the window setup.

Now that we understand how a Double Glazed Window works, let’s delve into the heart of the topic: the cost of setting up double-glazed windows in the UK for a 3-bedroom house.

Cost of double glazing a 3 bed house UK

When it comes to the cost of double glazing a 3-bed house, it is not constant or static; rather, it changes according to different factors. Let’s look at each factor and how they impact the cost.

1. Number of Windows

We have to understand that not all 3-bed houses will have the same number of windows. The number of windows defines the cost of double glazing a 3-bed house.

Adding to this, the type of window also impacts the cost. Generally, a casement window will have a lower cost compared to Sashes or Bay Windows.

2. Type of Material

This is the key component in your window. There are usually three broad categories of materials, namely:

  • UPVC
  • Aluminium or Aluminium Clad
  • Timber – Softwood or Hardwood or Engineered Wood.

Generally, a UPVC framed window is cheaper and used by most households compared to Aluminium and Timber.

3. Energy Rating of Window

Window Energy Rating (WER) shows how efficient a window is in terms of a letter grading. The letter grading uses a scale from G to A. The higher the rating, the higher the price, but in the long run, it will reduce the household’s energy bills.

4. Personalisation

When it comes to UPVC or Aluminium with the colored choice, it will cost more. This is also the case for wood grain texture effect finishes. Higher personalization means a higher cost of double glazing a 3-bed house in the UK.

Now that we understand the various factors that impact the cost of double glazing a 3-bed house in the UK, let’s now take an average cost of double glazing a 3-bed house with a few combinations.

Average Cost of Double Glazing a 3 bed house UK:

Window Type












Tilt & Turn








Note: These estimates are for 900x1200mm single window units.

This table shows that UPVC windows are cheap when compared with other types of windows, and moreover, most people choose UPVC windows.

Average Cost of Double Glazing a 3-bed semi (UK)

When it comes to a 3-bed semi (UK), the cost ranges from £6000 – £7000. Again, this price is the average, and it can change according to the material, the number of windows, and their types, etc. For example, 8-12 UPVC windows will cost between £5000 – £8000.

On the other hand, the average cost of double glazing a 3-bed terraced house ranges from £4000 – £6000.


On the whole, you have to understand that the cost of double glazing a 3-bed (UK) varies based on the discussed factors. Thus, it is essential to first understand and have a clear idea of all the factors like the material, window type, energy efficiency that your household requires, and then get at least 5 – 6 quotes from different vendors so that you can compare and choose the best fit for your needs in terms of quality and money.

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