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Double Glazed Georgian Windows

May 23 2024

Georgian windows, characterized by their timeless elegance and distinctive design, stand as enduring testaments to architectural sophistication.

Their graceful proportions and intricate detailing have left an indelible mark on the rich tapestry of architectural history, showcasing a classic aesthetic that transcends time.


Georgian windows
Source: Sharpes windows & doors


Average Cost of Georgian Leaded Windows

Window Material

Average Price Range (£)







This table provides a clear breakdown of the average prices for Georgian windows based on material and the specific prices for different types of Georgian bar windows;

Type of Georgian Bar Window

Price (₹)

uPVC with Georgian Bars (Windows and Doors)

₹850 per sq ft

uPVC with Georgian Bars (Windows)

₹500 per sq ft

uPVC Casement Windows with Georgian Bars

₹650 per sq ft

Georgian Bar Windows (Range)


Types of Georgian style Double Glazed Windows

Georgian style double glazed windows offer two main types to enhance the charm of your home:

1. Sash Windows

Featuring two glass panels that elegantly slide up vertically within the window frame, sash windows showcase a classic design.

Hidden sash cords and counterweights ensure smooth and easy operation. Sash windows are prized for their timeless elegance, offering a touch of heritage to any home while providing controlled ventilation through their distinctive sliding motion.

2. Casement Windows

Characterized by six or more panes within the window frame, casement windows open outward for a distinctive look. Unlike the sliding motion of sash windows, casement windows provide an alternative style with their outward-opening design.

Casement windows are favored for their modern appeal and versatility, allowing for a full window opening to maximize airflow and create a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Casement Windows
Source: Fenster Components

Comparison Table: Sash Windows vs. Casement Windows


Sash Windows

Casement Windows

Opening Mechanism

Vertical sliding motion

Outward-opening design

Number of Panes

Two glass panels

Six or more panes

Design Aesthetic

Classic and timeless

Distinctive outward appearance


Sliding up vertically with sash cords

Opening outward with hinges


Hidden sash cords and counterweights

Hinged on the side with no counterweights

Ventilation Control

Partial opening for controlled ventilation

Full window can be opened for maximum airflow


Easier to clean due to accessible panels

Easy to clean both sides from the inside

Suitability for Different Styles

Versatile and complements various styles

Modern and suits contemporary aesthetics



In conclusion, double-glazed Georgian windows offer more than just a glimpse into the past; they bring the timeless elegance of Georgian design into the modern era.

Consider the advantages, customization options, and investment value as you embark on the journey of enhancing your home with these classic yet modern windows.

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