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In the historic city of York, homeowners are invited to consider new installations, repairs, or replacements to elevate their dwellings.

Making informed decisions to enhance your living space is pivotal. Dive into the nuances of double glazing in York, uncovering the perfect blend of aesthetics, resilience, and energy efficiency. Explore the top local window companies, combining historic charm with designs that resonate with the city’s rich heritage.

From medieval elegance to contemporary comfort, we’ve curated essential insights to guide you through a seamless home improvement journey. Join us as we navigate the possibilities, assisting you in achieving a home that not only reflects York’s timeless charm but is also optimized for comfort and sustainability.

Top Double-Glazing Local Window Companies in York:






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Minster Windows

Shirbutt Ln, Hessay, York YO26 8JT

+44 1904 360110



Eliments Ltd, Showroom

Bell Farm, Riccall Ln, Escrick

+44 808 175 1062



Square Deals Ltd

39 Boroughbridge Rd, Holgate, York YO26 5SQ

+44 1904 795225



Mike Thorpe Windows

25 Boroughbridge Rd, Holgate, York YO26 5RT

+44 1937 832227



Ebor Windows

156a Haxby Rd, Clifton, York YO31 8JN

+44 1904 466550



Pocklington Window Centre

Pocklington Industrial Estate, Pocklington, York YO42 1NR

+44 1759 304442




Costs Breakdown for Windows and Doors in York:


Average Cost Range

New Windows and Doors

£620 – £3,700 per window

Windows Glass Installation


Windows Glass Repair

£32 – £1,550

Windows Glass Replacement


New Windows and Doors in York:

Material Costs: The material costs for windows glass installation in York typically range from £65 to £100, depending on the type and quality of glass chosen.

Labor Costs: For professional installation, labor costs for windows glass installation can vary but generally fall within the range of £105 to £195, reflecting the expertise required for this task.

Overview of Glass Cost in York:






Secondary Glazing


£190–£670 per window

£140 – £1,000

£2,500 – £4,700

UPVC Glazing

£1,100 per window

£160 – £950 per window

£160 – £1,300 per window

£500 per day per labour

Sash Windows

£640 – £810 per window


£120 – £880

£1,400 per window

Window and Door

£6,000–£15,000 for a small house. £14,000–£32,000 for a large house.

£7,500 full house

£120 – £1,700 for window £70–£120 per hour for door



Key Considerations for Windows Glass Installation in York:

01 Historic Architectural Synergy: Align your window choices with York’s historic architecture. Choose designs that complement the city’s medieval aesthetic while offering modern energy efficiency.

02 Energy Efficiency and Sustainability: Opt for windows with low-emissivity (Low-E) coatings to minimize heat transfer. Double or triple-glazed windows with inert gas between panes enhance insulation, contributing to a sustainable and energy-efficient home.

03 Regulatory Compliance and Quality Standards: Ensure your chosen glass and window installations comply with local building standards, considering factors such as historic preservation requirements and safety glazing standards.

Maintenance Tips for Windows Glass in York:

01 Periodic Cleaning Routine: Establish a regular cleaning routine to preserve the timeless appeal of your windows, contributing to York’s commitment to maintaining its historic charm.

02 Sealant Integrity Checks: Regularly inspect the condition of sealants, addressing any signs of wear or deterioration promptly to prevent potential water ingress and preserve the structural integrity of your windows.

03 Vigilance Against Damage: Keep a vigilant eye for signs of damage, including cracks, chips, or fogging between double-glazed panes. Promptly address any issues to extend the lifespan of your windows and uphold York’s reputation for well-maintained homes.


Elevate your home in York with informed decisions tailored to its historic charm. Explore reputable companies, understand costs, and choose solutions that seamlessly blend traditional elegance with modern energy efficiency.

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